In Japan, little is known about maple syrup. It is indistinguishable from cake syrup to most; known to complement sweet dishes. In reality, the uses for maple syrup are as diverse as the country it comes from.
It can be used to elevate savory meals or simple drinks, in all sorts of cuisines.
On Instagram, we shared a variety of easy recipes using maple syrup and demonstrated how it can be used outside of the typical pancake breakfast. The recipe were presented in a carousel — an in-situ shot,
an organized photo of its individual ingredients, and the handwritten instructions — to evoke comfort to the audience and stand out from recipe posts they are typically accustomed to encountering.
Client: Quebec Maple Syrup Production
Client Partnership: Nikita Moderni & Max Samchuk
Program Management: Teruyo Watanabe
Strategy: Mariya Sokolova, Kristie Wong, & Aaron Kane
Creative Team: Christina Adriani, Kisara Onuma, & Sayu Fujii
Producer: Romain Donna
Photographer: Goshi Kowahara
Food Stylist: Yukiko Machida
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