Cloud Nine is a hypothetical adaptogenic sparkling water that promotes serenity. In a state of relaxation, the human mind is best able to wander and explore. This idea of movement is foundational to the concept of Cloud Nine, with each can featuring a unique, dynamic design. No can is ever the same. Much like its consumers that are ever-changing, Cloud Nine is the antithesis to stagnancy. 
This can design relies on "generative art". Each design is built by a computer program, generated by an algorithm that transforms ordinary shapes to turn simple into elaborate. Much like the creative process, this art is calculated, yet expressive. In the same way that an individual’s mind might explore interesting ways to express an idea, the program generates unexpected art for each can — and each consumer.
ADCC 2020 Student Competition — Silver
Art Director & Designer: Sayu Fujii / Creative Technologist: Robert Lee / Strategist: Jeanelle Suarez
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