There are a growing number of ways to see movies that are cheaper and more convenient than heading to the cinema. We looked at video entertainment trends that pointed to a growing market share for streaming services. Part-time millennial workers rely on Netflix, albeit with frustration with the inevitable interruptions. We wanted to ask  are you still watching? To bring them back to Cineplex, we proposed to them: no distractions, full immersion.
Art Director: Sayu Fujii / Copywriters: Nicole Luzine & Daivd Ratcliffe / Strategist: Jeanelle Suarez
OOH - billboard
Consisting of recycled cell phones that collaboratively play the teaser of an anticipated film. Video is interrupted by notifications.
Web execution
Sub-page of Cineplex that prompts users to view and enter unclear synopses of films that result from distractions when watching. Incentive to win rewards with website engagement.
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